My Dog Farted

My dog was farting in the yard.
My dog took off, he pumped so hard.
He blasted off straight for the moon.
I hope my dog does come back soon.

I love my dog, he’s my best friend,
this would be a sad way to end.
But if he does go into space
I hope he finds it a nice place.

I hope the moon treats my dog well
I’m sure it’s clean and doesn’t smell.
It’s quiet with no cats in sight.
I think my dog will be alright.

I will miss him but will not cry.
It’s just a trip. He did not die.
He’ll come back home when he gets bored.
He’s my best friend, he is adored.

So, pump, my pet, and rocket home
I cannot live my life alone.
Then pump no more and cork your bottom.
I’m going to spoil you something rotten.

Al Holloway

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