About Me

In my previous About Me, I refused to reveal anything about me, as I felt that nobody was following my blog and anything I said would be indulgent drivel dribbled into the neverending web ether.

Some people are now following my blog.

I am compelled to write something About Me.

I have the body of a man and the mind of a child…

I’m not sure that sets the right tone.

I am a man.

Okay, so far, so good.

I have a mind..

Right, we’re cooking on gas now..

I spend a lot of time projecting my thoughts and feelings onto cartoon animals.

Well, it’s true but what does that get me, apart from pitiful looks?

I want to make a career writing children’s picture books and this blog is part of that dream, some might say delusion. Please look at what I post, like what I post, tell friends about what I post and with immense luck perhaps an agent or publisher will see fit to buy me a new house.

That came across as desperate, didn’t it? There was no wit or humour, just plain and naked greed for fame.

I might need to think about this whole About Me thing.

Have a nice week and take time to feed the birds.


What are your thoughts?

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